Warera ga Paradise (2023)


At Seven Star Town, a high-class facility where Asako works as the head nurse, wealthy elderly people are elegantly living the last chapters of their lives. For Asako, who was living a humble life and taking care of her mother, it was a world far from herself. Satsuki, who works in Seven Star Town, also takes care of her parents who live with her, and her colleague Kuniko also has problems in the family over caring for her father. Asako has problems finding a facility for her mother. Both Satsuki and Kuniko face headwinds in their lives every day. Asako and her friends put into action a bold plan to break the status quo, and the drama of the people gathered in Seven Star Town begins to come alive. Will they be able to find paradise on earth?

Director: Hirayama Hideyuki

Also known as: Warera ga Paradaisu われらがパラダイス


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , , ,

Warera ga Paradise (2023) full episodes

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