Jiten Shinagara Koten Suru (2023)


Yono Miyako is a single 30-year-old contract employee. She returns from Tokyo to her hometown of Ibaraki, her dream city, to take care of her mother, and while there, she meets Hashima Kanichi, a kind but financially unstable part-time clerk. They share a mutual attraction, and the relationship between the two deepens, but as they confront their realities and worries for the future, the two find themselves drifting apart. As she worries about love, work, and caring for her parents, her own environment is constantly changing. She looks like the Earth is rotating and revolving around it. Miyako, who lacks the ability to make decisions and goes back and forth between resignation and hope, single-mindedly pursues happiness while hesitating.

Director: Fuchigami Masato

Also known as: Spinning Around My Whirl Rotating and Revolving Revolves While Rotating Jiten Shinagara Kouten Suru


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Starring: , , , , ,

Jiten Shinagara Koten Suru (2023) full episodes

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